Vote YES, Measure U — Taxpayer’s Right to Know and Vote, a citizen’s initiative


Measure U — Taxpayer’s Right to Know and Vote (TRKV) citizen initiative is on the June 3, 2014 ballot. Over 1,000 Signal Hill residents signed the initiative–that’s almost 20% of the total registered vote in …Read More

City Sales & Property Taxes — You Get the Final Say

When the City wants to have its own sales or property tax, the Taxpayer’s Right to Know and Vote initiative, Measure U, requires your vote to do it.Read More

WE DID IT! Know and Vote qualifies for the ballot

We Did It! Know and Vote qualifies for a special election.

We did it!  The Taxpayers’ Right to Know and Vote citizens’ initiative qualifies for a special election. The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters verified that we got the signatures of 871 Signal Hill registered …Read More

Over 1,000 Voters Sign Know and Vote Citizen Petition

Left to Right, Rebecca Burleson, Deputy City Clerk, Elise McCaleb, city staff and Maria Harris, Signal Hill Community First

Over 1,000 Signal Hill voters signed the Taxpayers’ Right to Know and Vote citizens’ initiative. On Dec. 17, 2012, the petition was given to the local City Clerk to certify that there were enough signatures …Read More

Getting signatures on “Know and Vote” & fun with kids

Two girls face painted

Memories of Concerts in the Park are still alive. Signal Hill’s small and beautiful park was filled with summer concert fans from local neighborhoods and ones from Long Beach, too.  This summer, Signal Hill Community …Read More

City on Path for More Developer Subsidies. Who Pays?

Dollars and list images-18

The City of Signal Hill is on the path to use the city’s own revenues to help developers with commercial projects. In April the City Council, in a unanimous vote, approved the Economic Development Assistance …Read More

City Redevelopment Agency Liabilities Cause for Concern

On Jan. 17, the City Council accepted the responsibility to dissolve the assets and liabilities of the city’s Redevelopment Agency. Doing this puts the City’s public service obligations to the community at risk. In a letter to the Council, Community First asked the Council to refuse to take on this burden and explains why.Read More